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I have probably claimed the record for the shortest backpacking trip ever. On Saturday afternoon I arrived back in England after a strange 48 hours in Mumbai.

To be honest I feel hugely embarrassed about the whole ordeal. It was the wrong trip at the wrong time for me.

Factors such as leaving my flat share and a fairly fluid work situation pointed me in the direction of needing to make some decisions. I decided the solution to it all was leaving.

As soon as I arrived in India I knew this wasn’t it. I felt sick to my stomach not because I had eaten something dodgy but because I didn’t know why I was there.

I started having doubts about the trip about a month ago but the tickets were booked and the wheels were already in motion. So I put aside my doubts and tried to focus on making the trip a success.

Despite enduring the stress of moving house, the past couple of months have actually been some of my best in London.

I have realized how my friends love me. I am lucky to know such an inspiring and kind group of people.

I am sorry to all of you who listened to me bang on about the trip. Especially those friends who came to my leaving drinks or brought me lunch.

So what happened?

Essentially I had a bit of a rough time in Mumbai, it is a crazy place and definitely not somewhere I wish to visit again. 

I realised that it didn’t matter where I went, now wasn’t the time for me to be so far away from all the people I love.

I can admit to myself now that I left to avoid making some tough decisions about what I want to do with my life and where I am going to live.

I don’t really know what to say apart from I am happy to be back.

I know I could have stuck it out and probably made it work.

But sometimes you have to be bold and admit to yourself when you were wrong. For me this trip was one of those moments.

I don’t massively want to dwell on it. I am sure I will talk to many of you in person in more depth about it than is appropriate for here.

But I do want to focus on the future and move on with the exciting summer that lay ahead

I am keen to fill it with love and adventure. So I want to go to some lovely festivals, go on long bike rides, continue to get into bouldering and meet new people. Plus I can come to Andrew’s election party now. How cool is that?

If you’re open to outdoorsy adventures in Europe or in the UK let me know.

And I may still make it to the Thai Fruit Festival but I will reassess how I feel in 2 months.

So what is next?

This week I will be house-sitting for some friends in Bethnal Green, so I am in London and then the week after I plan to escape to the countryside for a bit to mull things over.

After that I will be looking to move back to London full-time so if you need a housemate or know someone awesome who does, please put me in-touch.

Thanks for your support and if you fancy catching up please give me a shout.

Lots of love



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