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This week I had a new article published on the Huffington Post titled ‘The Vegan Cold War Has Started‘, I use this piece to explore the idea that not everyone is happy about the rapid rise of a vegan culture. I believe we are starting to see a backlash against veganism from the dominant food culture. Hopefully the weight of those who embrace the emergence of veganism and adapt to it’s rise will outweigh those determined to cling to our outdated food system.

Speaking of businesses adapting to veganism, I recently appeared on Katrina Fox’s brilliant vegan business podcast. In this discussion I discuss my own journey as a vegan entrepreneur discuss my marketing tips for vegan businesses.

And finally this week at Vevolution we will be hosting a talk for Emily from the YouTube channel Bite Size Vegan. I personally can’t wait to hear Emily’s talk and I will be interviewing her beforehand so look out for that video soon.

Have a wonderful week.


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