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Last week I rewatched the film V for Vendetta. The film sees a crusader wearing a Guy Fawkes mask known only as ‘V’ seek revenge on the totalitarian ultra right wing government who left him disfigured.

The party of government are a creation of a deeply religious ex Conservative MP. After unleashing a virus they created on the population of the UK. They seized power, closed the boarders and ruled through fear and the persecution of those in society who were deemed to be different.

Watching this film scared me… As everyday it seems the political agenda in real life is shifting to the right in similar way to the film. As UKIP continue to poll strongly the Conservative Party’s rhetoric becomes increasingly laced with fear and hate towards those who are different.

Today the UK announced that it will axe support for Mediterranean migrant rescue operation. So now our government are willing to let people die because they are desperately fleeing Libya, a country we bombed to pieces. We have the Defence Minister Michael Fallon saying that some communities are being “Swamped” by immigrants. The government are scaring people and putting the blame on the poorest and most vulnerable people in society.

This shift to the right and rise in nationalism and protectionism only serves to make our country a less pleasant place to live.

Let us remember it wasn’t poor or immigrant communities which privatised our energy companies leaving us at the mercy of ruthless money grabbing corporations. Nor was it them who paid crazy bonuses and gambled with our money on sub-prime mortgages. They tell us there is no alternative to austerity because it fits with their neoliberal dogma of taking power from the people. And selling all we have to private corporations who will look to make a profit at all costs.

Next time you see the privately educated, ex city stockbroker Nigel Farage sipping a pint, smoking a fag, banging on about Brussels. Think to yourself this guy any different? What motivates him? Is it love for people? Is it a burning desire to make the world a more equal beautiful place to live?.

I personally think like hell it is, he represents the status quo more so than anyone else.

UKIP would scrap the human rights act, get rid of the minimum wage, slash taxes for the rich. Dismantle all social support structures for those who are most vulnerable and actively discriminate against gay people and foreigners. Oh and they don’t believe in tackling climate change so they would frack under your homes and have us burning tar sands from Canada.

The majority of people don’t agree with the ideas of UKIP. The Tories would do well to remember this and as communities we should actively speak up against the ideas being pushed by UKIP and the Tories. They seek only to hurt and destroy our communities.

Oh and go and watch the film, it has a good ending.





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