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Running has transformed my life, honestly 2 years ago I wasn’t that healthy, I didn’t do that much serious exercise and went out far too much. Fast forward 2 years and I have ran a marathon, I regularly go out running and I wouldn’t want to go back to being a “non runner”.

When I speak to friend a lot of them turn around to me and tell me they tried running and hated it. My response is that you should expect to hate it for at least 6 weeks. All of a sudden you are asking your body to move fast, your heart and legs will complain a bit. Expect it and embrace it, the moment the sickness starts to fade you will feel amazing trust me.

So how do you get started:

Start small

The NHS app couch to 5K has been a huge success, it mixes running with walking sessions until you are able to run your first 5K

Get inspired

Most runners at some point stumble across the book ‘Born to Run’, simply pay £4 for the book and then set aside £100 for a pair of barefoot running trainers (bit of a runners joke). Check out this blog about running books that inspired me.

Find fit friends

If you make your social group your fitness group then you are on to a real winner. You will find yourself going on bike rides, group runs, rock climbing and generally drink less, eat better and eat a healthier life.

How to find these friends

For me finding a running club, all be it an unconventional one really helped me to get fitter. GoodGym is a community volunteering project that also operates as a running club. Every week hundreds of runners across London help transform a wide array of community projects. It’s essentially an volunteer army of runners doing good. It is also an registered running club with runners competing in races across the UK.

There are many reasons to finding a club to suit your interests. Through GoodGym, I discovered lots of new running routes and green spaces. I also made lots of new friends interested in living a healthy lifestyle.

Places like Meetup are great for finding like minded people keen on running and cycling.

Also RunDem crew is worth checking out. They provide a fun community of serious runners in cities around the world.

You can follow me on Instagram @damienclarkson or Twitter @damienclarkson please feel free to ask me questions or watch my videos on healthy living over on my YouTube channel VeganRunnerUK.

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