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I have signed up to run my second marathon. And I am going across the Atlantic to Canada to run it.  My pal Gregg is now living in Toronto. And the Toronto Waterfront Marathon seemed a pretty good excuse for a holiday.

This will be my return to marathon running. In May 2014, I ran the Edinburgh Marathon. And it didn’t really go to plan. Half way through I suffered an IT band flare up and femur tracking problems. It killed the race for me. My 1.48 half marathon which was an easy pace for me turned into a 4.24 finish. It was a grim affair. My ego took a battering and my legs didn’t like me for a long while.

This week a really nice coach Craig from the Kineo Tri and Run Team tailored an awesome looking marathon plan for me that should get me through the race in one piece.

He remarked that he felt I was still affected by what happened in the Edinburgh Marathon. On reflection, I think he is right. I haven’t entered any races.

Running helps me feel more connected to the earth, the sensation of the sun beating down on my face, or the rain running down my skin is soothing. It connects me to the seasons and the animals around me. Like most people I spend most of my days inside, running is my adventure.  I love that you never know who you will see or what you will witness when out on a run.

It’s time for me to put anxiety aside and return to something I really enjoy. Yes it might hurt. But I want this. Mind over matter, one foot in front of another, focus, breathe, slow and steady. You have got this…


Damien x




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