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Like most people concerned about the environment I have been keeping an eye on the developments at the UN Climate Summit in Paris. Grand statements of intent were made by Prince Charles and President Obama at the opening of the conference. But reports from the conference say that proposals put forward full well short of what is needed to keep us living in a world with global warming below 3 degrees.

Yesterday, I decided to give a breakout session from the conference a listen online. And I kept hearing the words ‘free trade’, and the ‘private sector’.

We need to cut greenhouses gases rapidly, this means mass investment and development of renewable energy technology. A global meat consumption reduction on a mass scale and de-carbonisation of the energy and transport systems.

Issues like greenhouse gases from animal agriculture aren’t even on the agenda despite being the leading cause of climate change. Politicians are scared of losing votes and supporting policies that might be unpopular to the masses.

I can’t help but think the result will be the same as the Copenhagen Summit in 2009 and no deal radical enough to create real change will be agreed.

The hype seems like a sham and that is a real shame for us all.


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