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When I was younger a film that always intrigued me was ‘Sliding Doors’, the film starred Gwyneth Paltrow and illustrated how the same life could unfold differently based on just missing a departing tube. Ever since then I think I have been someone who has been acutely aware of how the smallest things can massively change the whole direction of ones life.

Recently I decided to go travelling, and as regular readers of this blog will know, I came home after 48 hours.

Since then life has been a bit hectic. I have lived at various friends places whilst they have been on holiday. I have scoped out launching one new business and soon I will be announcing a different exciting business project I am doing with friends.

I have moved to Walthamstow Village, I now live on a cul-de sac in a cute flat right by a lovely church yard and just under a mile away from Epping Forest.

And in a wonderful moment of serendipity the Guardian approached  me and asked me to come and work 3 days a week on their groundbreaking climate change divestment campaign Keep It In The Ground.

I have been working there for 3 weeks and I can truly say I have loved every moment. Climate Change campaigning is something I have decided much of the past 6 years of my life to.

I feel incredibly happy to be able to apply my talents to a project I care so passionately about. Who knows what will happen next in my life but as my friend Alice recently said to me in a message; “Rebuilding a life is hard but so worth it”.


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