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Recently I picked up Austin Kleon’s book, Show Your Work! Having been a huge fan of his previous book, Steal Like An Artist!

Quite early on whilst reading to the book I came to the conclusion that I haven’t been sharing enough of my work. Yes, I know I am a keen social sharer and according to the book the writer Robin Sloan would say that I am good at producing ‘flow’ content.  This is the stream of tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos- stuff that is there one minute and gone the next. Not the ‘Stock’, the durable stuff like this blog which builds your authority and gets found in search engine results.

So what am I doing at the moment?

I generally get a sense that even people I am fairly close to are never quite sure what I am working on. And I understand why. As a freelancer one minute a project will be all consuming and the focus of your professional life and the next week you may have nothing to do with it.

It is the nature of the game, you have to think fast and hit the ground running- there is rarely time to ease yourself into a project and rarely time to reflect on past projects.

Currently my main focus is launching my new business Vegan Futures. It is a one-day vegan lifestyle festival for 350 people which I am co-founding with my friend Jen.

We’re creating Vegan Futures because we want to give people an opportunity to come together to share their stories of thriving on a Vegan lifestyle. The festival is about learning from each other, making new friends and discovering great stuff happening in the vegan community. We want it to be inclusive non-judgemental and a space people can come to collaborate and hopefully be a part of creating a happier, healthier more compassionate world.

Currently my day to day tasks include doing a bit of everything from strategy and vision, press and promotional interviews, recruiting speakers, creating a marketing plan and materials, social media and liaising with creatives and media partners.

I can safely say that the hardest thing has been forcing myself to occasionally take a deep breath and delay pressing the launch button, patience has never been my greatest virtue but caring about getting something right is something I definitely value.

What I can tell you Vegan Futures at the moment is this:

  • It will happen on the 7th November in London
  • We have already secured some amazing high-profile speakers and panel guests
  • We have some great media partners who are supporting the project
  • We will have a limited amount of super-early bird tickets available
  • We hope to be live with the website and ticket sales in the next couple of weeks
  • There will be yoga, meditation and food related workshops

What am I doing the rest of the time?

Lots of reading, meditation and running and on a whim decided to run the Toronto marathon in October with my Vegan buddy Gregg Lowe.

I am also looking for a new communications or campaigns project to work on. I am quite open minded to what that could be although with the Paris climate summit coming up it would be great to work related to that.

I guess the future is unwritten and we will see where the next few months takes me…

I’d love to hear from you, simply say hi on here or one of the various social places I hang out or email me at

Lots of love


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