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Kate's birthday

Recently I went out for my friend Kate’s birthday, I only met Kate back in January when I attended a cycle spin class she used to teach. She is an entrepreneur and seriously awesome personal trainer.

We soon became friends. All of Kate’s friends would tell you about her amazing energy, compassion and her ability to inspire and go out there and achieve the things she wants in life.

Before going to Kate’s birthday on Friday I hadn’t met any of her other friends and I was a little bit nervous about not knowing anyone. You’re never alone with a phone, I kept telling myself on the way in.

I need not have worried. Kate’s friends were all totally inspiring, I had amazing chats about marathons, health and fitness, entrepreneurship, cycling, yoga, mindfulness mixed in with lots of general silliness and dancing.

This night set me thinking about energy we put out into the world. Kate puts so much positive energy out into the world, she makes others believe in themselves, she is the person you want to see if you need cheering up.

I think it is no coincidence that her friends were all inspiring people being positive about the challenges they face in their lives. They are people who are investing in themselves, pursuing yoga, meditation and general mindfulness.

It is easy to feel scared in this world where we stand on the brink of environmental catastrophe and we have an broken with a ever increasing gap between the rich and poor. Us Londoners face crippling rent hikes and the prospect of buying our own places to live are bleak.

In the coming months am going to try to adopt a even more positive mindset and see where it takes me. As I further explore meditation and yoga, I feel even more connected to nature and more receptive to the energy that surrounds me, it is exciting…

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