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As humans we have a natural desire to make sense of the world around us. From trivial day-to-day things to big complex world issues, we crave understanding.

These days however it could be argued understanding is harder to come by than ever before.

We live in times of the eternal crisis. Wars roll into another, one week we are condemning Assad in Syria the next we are bombing his enemy’s ISIL to keep him in power. We have a financial crisis caused my easy money and reckless gambling by financial institutions. Yet the solution we are offered is more easy credit for buying homes and quantitative easing.

In the recent attack by Israel on Gaza we saw thousands of Palestinian civilians killed but yet we are told that they are the terrorists. We see 97% of the worlds leading climate scientists agree on the urgent need to tackle climate change. But in the US most of the Republican Congress denies climate change exists. In the UK the government are desperate to frack for shale gas. And pump more fossil fuels into the atmosphere, despite all logic saying we should be transitioning to clean energy sources.

We are confused. The politicians are definitely confused. And the media they point the finger. There is always a finger pointing out terror, death, wealth, poverty.

As the British filmmaker Adam Curtis would say: “We are all just left saying Oh Dear, and that is exactly what they want you to say.

Watch Oh Dearism

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