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Hello, from the very uncomfortable plastic seats of the Heathrow departure lounge.

The last few weeks have been a total whirlwind, I can honestly say they have been amongst the most tiering but most exhilarating of my nearly 6 years living in London.

During this time I saw a wonderful play about the Mumbai slums called Behind The Beautiful Forevers. Gorged on beautiful raw vegan food courtesy of the fab Vegan Delights popup. Witnessed 3 great gigs in Meatbodies, Yak and Moat and had a wonderful send off drink where so many of my friends turned up to wish me well on my travels.

Oh and I moved out of my flat… That sucked. We had a horrible landlady who took advantage of the fact we need our deposit back and that there have been multiple tenants in the flat.

She had used the place as an extension of her flat below, storing old junk no one in their right mind would want. She even lied about not having a sofa for the flat, which my housemate Joe found hidden in her basement when taking a electric meter reading.

If I wasn’t tierd and leaving the country I would have wanted to fight her on the £300 she deducted from our total deposit. It isn’t even the money it  is the principle of it.

The flat was shabby, work done on it was the cheapest possible and we didn’t even have hot water for 2 weeks at one point. She pretended she didn’t know one of the housemates and sort of implied we were subletting even through she was there and signed the contract with the couple I lived with.

It definitely made me think about the housing situation in London. But that is an issue for another day right now I need to focus on India.

On route to Heathrow today I quickly nipped in for a lovely lunch at Tidbits with my friend Judy. As always she did exceptionally well at calming me and putting my mind at ease.

At the moment all I can think about is all of you (my friends and family) I am leaving behind, you will be all missed very much. I can’t quite picture Mumbai, the sights, the smells, the sounds I know I am in for a  total culture shock but I feel ready for it.

Yeah, I haven’t done as much research as I would have liked but as I said to my friend Judy earlier this trip is about taking the handbrake off and unsticking things and going with the flow.

6 months of travelling lays ahead. First stop Mumbai… Wish me luck.


Damien xxx

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