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Like the rest of Britain’s left wing voters, I woke up this morning and scrambled for my phone in the faint hope last night had all been a bad dream and the Tories weren’t sweeping to a majority government.

But sadly it actually happened. We now have 5 years of the Tories launching a full scale attack on the NHS, environment, the welfare state and workers rights. There will be more tax cuts for the very richest in society whilst persecution of the most vulnerable in society gets worse than ever.

I felt a bit hopeless, so I decided to quickly write a manifesto for a better future which I posted on my Facebook page, I have republished it below. Please tell me what you think.

My manifesto for a better future

I think it is time for us to all get really political and hold our parents and friends to account. No more of this, “oh my parents are good people but they vote Tory”. Keep at them until they understand what voting Tory actually means for the most vulnerable in society.

The right wing print media hold too much sway still and the broadcast news agenda takes too much from them. They have spun a narrative of hatred, fear and scapegoating. It isn’t vulnerable people and immigrants damaging this country it is the self serving big corporations who put profit before people.

We need electoral reform desperately. Yes this would have meant more Ukippers but they would have been shown up for the bigoted racists they are.

In the next 2 years we need to get organised and do it quick. The Tories are bound to push ahead with a horrific programme of privatisation and attacks on the environment and most vulnerable in society.

We need to:

1) Stop a new runway at Heathrow or Gatwick
2) Stop further dismantling of the NHS
3) Stop TTIP (Trans Atlantic Trade Agreement)
4) Stop fracking across the UK
5) Demand more social housing and private rent controls
6) Demand a proportional voting system
7) Make sure we get a decent outcome at the Paris climate summit (The Tories will probably send some climate change denying joker)
8) Call for a living wage for everyone
9) Make sure we strongly oppose Tory attempts to water down the human rights act and employment law
10) Stay in Europe
11) Talk about the carbon bubble which will look make the sub-prime mortgage crisis look minor. We need to leave the fossil fuels in the ground and push for a renewable revolution
12) Keep saying no to austerity and the neo-liberal economic agenda

We can do this:

1) By being brave, speaking about politics in public, taking ownership, stand by your values, don’t shy away from the hard conversations
2) Joining a progressive political party basically the Green Party or SNP in Scotland.
3) Disrupting the narrative of the mainstream media. Write blogs, tweet, create YouTube videos, explain things the way they really are. More true news from good people. Let’s get rid of the Tory media dinosaurs!
4) Be more compassionate to people we meet, more love, more time more help for those less fortunate than us

And importantly smile and love each other. These are dark days we will need a lot of kindness to get us through.

Let’s dust ourselves off and prepare. I am ready to get really political.

Who is with me?

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