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So January is up? How was it for you? Did you dry out for January or do Veganuary? How many times did you make it to the gym? Honestly?

I wanted to write this blog to almost remind myself to write more in February. I have been thinking a bit about why I blog nowhere near as much as I used to my thoughts/excuses are:

  • I Instagram a lot- I see more long-form Instagram posts in my feed I like them, I have done a couple
  • I have a new YouTube channel I am trying to build up therefore things that in the past might have manifested themselves in a blog have found themselves becoming vlogs- check them out.
  • I have a backlog of projects- that I am so close to telling people about properly, as it is with life sometimes these things take a bit longer than you envision to see the light of day

This January was a dry one not only on the writing front- as I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol throughout the whole month. I can honestly say that I have again found a lot of joy and contentment in abstaining from drink.

Personally I feel like February is going to be important for me. It’s one of those months that come along every few years. Those moments are exciting and scary…

I am launching a new creative communications studio called The Growing Box with my friends Anneka and Robbie. Also I am co-founding The Kindness Collective– a group of creative vegans looking to establish a co-working space to run media campaigns to promote veganism and change the world.

I also hope to announce new plans for my follow up festival to Vegan Futures.

Well this note is over. Check back in February sometime hopefully there will be lots of exciting things to update you on.

Stay connected your friend Damien xx



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