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I’m outta here! So after 5 and half years of living in London I have decided to leave and go travelling around Asia for 6 months.

Firstly I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to go and do this. I am lucky to have some savings and the timing just felt right for me. I am single, 30 (so youngish) I am at a crossroads career wise. I am excited by the prospect of meeting new people, exchanging interesting ideas and being exposed to new cultural experiences that push me out of my comfort zone.

I will be blogging my travels on this blog and making videos over on my YouTube channel.

My current itinerary looks something like this:

Mumbai- 19th March- then most of southern India including a lot of time in Kerala and around to Chennai

Bangkok- 29th- 30th May

Chiang Mai for the Raw Till 4 Thai Fruit Festival till late June

Myanmar then probably Bali and Malaysia until the 15th August

Nepal- 15th August until the 31st

New Delhi, Rishikeshi, Varanasi, 31st August till the 19th September

19th September fly back to London or possibly stay travelling or work somewhere in Asia.

Whilst I am away I will be writing articles for publications who want to put out my stories and continuing with small projects for my communications business.

If anyone reading this has recommendations on where to go, what to do, places to say and people to meet please connect with me in the comments or on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.




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