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I was born a sharer. Growing up I was one of those kids who didn’t really ever stop talking. Whether I was on about football, cricket or my friends. I always had something to say.

For me this never really stopped. As we grow-up we discover more about our passions. This desire to be heard is within all of us. And we want to count.

In 2015, all of us lucky enough to have access to a computer and the Internet have a voice. We have the ability to connect with people all over the world. We can seek out the change and we want to see and join movements of like-minded people.

Yet sharing what is truly meaningful to us is still a struggle. We live our lives out online where each image and blog is valued by likes or retweets.

When posting online are often left considering whether we share what is meaningful to us or what our audience want to see.

Often we fall for the latter option in-order to feel the warm online glow of appreciation.

These moments of online appreciation are fleeting. The buzz moves on and like an addict we start thinking about our next hit. I’m guilty of this and perhaps you are too?

In the wake of the festival I co-founded Vegan Futures, I have been pre-occupied with how to put more meaningful creations out into the world.

What I know is that when we work together and share experience and skills we grow. We become braver, we create things that cut through and make a difference in the world.

Therefore I have decided that I want to create a physical space to, as Seth Godin would say; “create a ruckus.”

Below is my idea and perhaps you would like to join?

  • A free physical workspace based in London for 10-12 creative people
  • Residents of the space will be committed to spreading a vegan message and a message of mindfulness and compassion towards all living beings
  • All residents will commit to working together on a number of shared media projects promoting veganism and compassion
  • Residents will pursue other projects and businesses promoting compassion and mindfulness in the world
  • I am looking at how the space would be funded but options include crowdfunding, sponsorship or in-kind donation
  • I would love to launch this space in early 2016

If this sounds like a space you might want to join email me at

I am hoping this space can become a reality, it will need good people to help but I believe it could become a space for powerful change in the world.

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