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When living in the city it easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer masses of concrete, steel and glass that surrounds us. Most of us who reside in cities didn’t grow up in them, we came here for work, culture and personal growth.

It is easy to convince ourselves that there is no green space to explore, I know as that is excatly what I did when I first moved to London.

Slowly through doing a bit of research and exploring I discovered London had loads of wonderful green spaces. The same can be said for many of the worlds biggest cities which can provide great training grounds for running, cycling, walking and even swimming.

For example in Berlin the now defunct Tempelhof Airport been turned into a huge public park. Last year I went for a run there with my friend Sean and was blown away by the sheer scale of the place and how many cyclists and runners were making use of this unconventional training ground.

London is a maze of canals and marshes, until last year I was living in Hackney, East London, where I would go Walthamstow Marshes for runs. Speaking to friends I was amazed at how many people had never explored this beautiful bit of wilderness in the centre of the city.

Now I live just down the road in Highbury and regularly run up Parkland Walk an old abandoned railway line which runs from Finsbury Park to Highgate. Since being taken out of service in the 1960’s the line has become a woodland path and is maintained by an army of volunteers.

Tips for finding your hidden green space in your city

1) Go on google maps and search your city. Some green spaces that aren’t officially parks may not be green like Walthamstow Marshes, so keep an eye out for hidden green spots.

2) Go on running forums like ‘Runners World’ and ‘Running Bug’ and search for green spaces and route recommendations.

3) Speak to dog walkers, they have fountains of knowledge to share about green spaces in the area they live in.

4) Use fitness apps like Strava to view where people are doing their runs and bike rides.

5) Go on walking tours. I once went on one in Abney Park Cemetery which is now on of my favourite places to run and forage wild garlic.

That is it for today please pop by tomorrow for our blog on occasionally ditching public transport.

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