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A lot has happened since I last updated this blog and working out where to begin is tough.

I released a film called SWINE, re-launched my creative agency as the Growing Box. Founded a new vegan festival called Vevolution and helped create a new artistic activist collective called Surge.

I co-created a film called SWINE

I released a short film called Swine that I made with my friend Robbie Lockie. The main focus of the film is development of antibiotic resistance in factory farms.

It’s an online release we made for the charity Viva! as part of their Faceoff campaign. We had a premiere for the film in London which was brilliantly attended and the film has done pretty well with over 50,000 views in the first month.

Over the Autumn we will be doing screenings of the films and universities and at my festival Vevolution. You can watch the film at: It is also available on Facebook if you prefer to watch it there.

I hope the film continues to change peoples lives, the feedback we have had has been nothing short of amazing. I feel inspired and I am already working on ideas for my next film.

Vevolution vegan and conscious living festival

I have created a new vegan and conscious living festival called Vevolution which will be produced by Judy. The festival is an educational and community festival bringing people together for a day of inspiring talks, panel discussions, workshops and networking.

It is happening on the 5th November 2016 at Oval Space in London. Early ticket sales have been brilliant and we have now sold out of the first two tiers of tickets.

It is basically Ted Talks for vegans, it is taking all the best things from my previous festival to create a even better educational day for everyone.

Tickets are still on sale at 

The Growing Box

I have re-launched my communications agency as the Growing Box. We’re a creative agency setup to help people create great content and campaigns. I am working with Judy and my friend Robbie is consulting with us. SWINE was our first big production for a client and we’re working with several other exciting organisations at the moment. If you’re looking for someone to help tell the world about your product or campaign then please check us out at


Surge is a new group of activists holding politicians to account for the suffering of animals by bold artistic statements and non violent direction action.

We’re organising what we hope will be the biggest animal rights march the UK has ever seen on the 29th October. Like our Facebook and sign up to the event and please spread the word, we want this to be huge.

And well that is kinda it. I am on day 43 of 100 consecutive days of meditation and enjoying London’s summer after a month away during May and June.

I will be writing more on this blog so subscribe for lots of updates and subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram.


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