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“We try to do good work and be brave.” That’s how Libby Powell described to me the ethos of an organisation she heads up called On Our Radar, who support marginalised communities in telling their stories to the world. They do this by training citizen journalists and supplying them with lo-fi tech solutions; which enable communities on the frontline of humanitarian crisis to be heard in the media.

Put simply, they do really great work- meeting Libby yesterday was just the latest in a series of discussions, articles, videos and podcasts that have left me feeling inspired.

Last few months have been busy for me. I am launching a new vegan focused business which I can’t wait to start telling people more about. And recently I found myself working for the Guardian on their climate change campaign Keep It In The Ground; where I helped curate a little focus on young people called #groundup.

This process led me to talk to lots of young people who have immense creativity and a burning passion to reject the settlement of trashing the planet for future generations currently being offered to us by big business and world leaders.

I don’t think I am alone in feeling that an energy of change is rising through society. Everywhere you look there are positive stories arising about renewable energy, the oceans, the global divestment movement. And now the Pope has called for urgent by world leaders and business to address the threat of climate change. Perhaps miracles can happen?

These are extraordinary times we live in- I know all generations feel the same thing; but I truly believe to be alive now in this connection age is a wonderful thing.

The post-modern era we live in where nothing is truly new has created a remix society, it feels like the good ideas are mashing together to create a spirit of rebellion to build a more connected, creative and kind society.

Damien’s inspiration list:

Casey Neistat- I admire Casey’s work ethic, creativity in film making and his ability to maximise every second of the day and live life with passion. He makes a daily vlog, check this one out on ‘How to Vlog

Mark Ronson gave a Ted Talk on how sampling transformed music this really speaks to me on so many levels. With the information and tools we have available creating something completely new is near impossible. But we can borrow and build on ideas that have gone before us to create something of meaning.

Hayel Wartemberg is a 22 year old film-maker and one of the Co-Founders of media organisation Word On The Curb. I recently interviewed him about spoken word and climate change and his organisation made this great video urging for us to tackle climate change as part of the #groundup campaign I created with the Guardian.

Josh Lajaunie was recently on the Rich Roll podcast, this guy lost over 200 pounds to become a marathon runner and in the process transformed the health of his whole extended family. Listen to this podcast to feel inspired to take on your most difficult challenges.

Elon Musk’s powerwall offers a new way to capture and store solar energy in your home. It may be in the early stages of market development but I think it is exciting.

Gaza in Crisis: Reflections on Israel’s War against the Palestinians by Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappé .This is a sobering read but such an important one. Please take the time to explore how and why Israel wage a never ending war on the people of Palestine. 

Global divestment movement: So much good stuff is happening with this from Norway’s Sovereign wealth fund getting out of coal and tar-sands to university divestments. Check out and the super work they are doing for information about how you can get involved.

Caroline Russell is running to be the Green Party Mayoral candidate. I have met Caroline a number of times and she is simply fantastic. I know she is someone who would stand up to injustice and make my city a fairer, safer place to live. So if you’re in the Green Party please give her your vote as our candidate.

On Our Radar– a fantastic non-profit organisation you should support, especially if you have a storytelling platform to share stories on.

I’d love to know what is inspiring you at the moment, please share with me on Twitter or in the comments below.

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