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Living in the city means that you have a multitude of transport options available to you. But is public transport always the best option or is it overpriced unreliable and sometimes worth skipping?
If you will please cast your mind back to the summer of 2012. In London the Olympics were taking place and we were warned that we stood on the brink of a transport apocalypse due to the impending overcrowding on the London underground tube network.

To pre-empt this TFL joined forces with the Government and charities to urge people to walk, run and cycle to work. The result was astonishing, the tubes were less busy than normal and it was wonderful to witness so many people on their bikes, walking and generally exploring the city.

I like to cycle around the city I find it to be the fastest and most convenient way for me to get around London. And you don’t even have to own a bike. Recently a good friend of mine Ben Matthews, a busy freelance communications consultant in London ditched public transport in favour of using Boris bikes to get himself around town.

Personally when I am walking around the city I like to look at the roofs of buildings. This isn’t part of some kamizaki walking tactic. I have found that architects tend to use the roofs of buildings to express their artistic creativity. Next time you are wandering around please take a look I bet you will be surprised at what you find.

Money saving challenge:

I want you to try ditching public transport for 2 journeys a week for the next month. And I want you to put the fares you would have spent into a jar. At the end of the month note how much you have saved then treat yourself and a friend to a nice dinner.

Tips for using less public transport:

1) Walking to and home from work at least once a week

2) Using city hire schemes and renting a bike for a one way journey

3) Getting off the bus or tube a stop or two earlier than usual and walking the rest of the way

4) Ditching the season ticket or monthly public transport pass. Paying for each journey will make you think twice about jumping on that bus.

5) Install the CityMapper app on your phone.  You will soon realise the quickest way to get somewhere is to walk.

6) Buy comfortable trainers for walking

7) Walk with friends, we all used to walk to school with mates why not do the same now?

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