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As humans we’re intrigued by patterns whether when discussing football matches, economic forecasts or fashion trends. We simply can’t get enough of them. We create patterns of behaviour in our daily lives, many of which we’re oblivious to. Some of these behaviours are positive, they save us time, help us maintain good relations with people and please our work bosses.

Other habits are less positive and these are the ones I want to talk about. Just for a minute think about things you do which are ‘bad’ habits.

To help your thinking here are a couple of mine:

1) I always underestimate how long it will take me to get somewhere

2) I sometimes interrupt people when they are talking to me

3) I have a tendency to overplay albums I like

The thing is these are all things I can change. No matter at what stage in our lives we find ourselves, making small changes to our habits is possible. It is the beauty of being human, we have the ability to evolve, each day is a fresh start and only you can choose how you will live each moment.

I know that in my own life I strive to be better. Remember there is no such thing as perfect we are all flawed even your favourite celebrity.

I believe the key is to be kind to ourselves and of course search for those improvements we can make in our lives. It’s important to not give yourself a hard time on those days when you notice your imperfections. Just like you they are changing and evolving constantly, just note them and remember tomorrow is another day.


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